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For those who want to dive deeper into the message each week, and also add an element of fun, Victory Groups, with the combination of  a GroupBox, is for you! GroupBox can be a beneficial resource to current NorthGroup leaders, people who would like to start a new Victory Group or for those who want to discuss the Victory series with their families. Here’s why:

•  Games are included -fun & laughs make it easier to get to know people.
•  Snacks are included -because when people gather, food is good.
•  Conversation Starters will be posted here each week.

Stop by Welcome Home to get your GroupBox this weekend. 

Each of your weekly sessions are broken into segments: Food & Fun, Group Discussion and Prep for Next Week. Each week a new Gameplan will be posted here.

Step 1:
Follow the instructions listed under the Food & Fun section of the weekly Gameplan. You already have everything you need, or something to get you started, included in your GroupBox.

Step 2:
Conversation Starters are posted here. There are questions specific to each weeks message, as well as general ones that can apply to any teaching you listen to. Go through each question to help initiate a group discussion.

Step 3:
Finally, read the Prep for Next Week section of the Gameplan to the whole group. This section will have important instructions for your group members for the upcoming week. 



Balloon & Spoon Race

You are well on your way to Victory! We’ve heard it said that loving like Jesus over a lifetime is best treated like a marathon not a sprint, but who doesn’t love a competitive race now and then?! Challenge each other to balance an inflated balloon on a spoon while running from one side of the room to the other. Remember to watch out for the furniture and don’t run over the toddlers!

The Last Supper

This unique potluck theme lets your guests choose any item to bring… as long as it begins with the first letter of their last name. Steven Furtick can bring Fudge brownies, Russell Westbrook can bring buffalo Wings, Chip & Joanna can bring Green chile chicken enchiladas and so on….and so on.

Conversation Starters:

•  Read Revelation 2:1-7 & Mark 12:28-31

•  How does good things distract us from the most important thing in life?

•  How do we keep a renewed passion for Jesus in our life?

Prayer Request From your group