Group Content


Marvelous Me

Whether you’re starting a new group or you’re with familiar faces that you know and love, we can all take time learn more about each other. Pass the M&M bag around and have each person get 3 each. Follow the key on the card that’s included in you groupbox.

Ice Cream Social

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… ice cream socials! In your groupbox you’ll find a yummy ice cream topping and a jar of sprinkles. Ask each group member to bring different varieties of ice cream and other tasty toppings to share. With many different cookies, fruits and nuts the possibilities are endless!

Conversation Starters:

·  Read Mark 10:46-52. How did this message encourage and or challenge you?

·  What is the significance of the crowd, cup & coat and how can they be obstacles to our victory?

·  What role does faith play in our lives and how do we grow and activate faith?

Next week prep

So are you intrigued yet by the hunky potato that's included in your GroupBox? While playing a game of “Hot Potato” might bring back good memories, we want you to heat things up a bit by creating your own potato bar. Discuss who will bring what toppings and don’t forget the sweet potato casserole for dessert!

Prayer Request From your group