Group Content



Tower of Terror

You might be familiar with this Minute to Win It game. Grab the 3 plastic cups and 2 index cards out of your groupbox. Place one cup, wide rim side down on a table. Balance an index card on the bottom of the cup. Stack another upside down cup on the index card and place an index card on that one. Stack the last plastic cup on the second index card. Starting at the top card, yank it out as fast as you can to make the cup fall down on top of the next cup. Continue until you get to the bottom. 

Potato Bar

Bake a batch of potatoes and have guests bring creative toppings to load ‘em up and bring a whole new meaning to “loaded potatoes.” For dessert, make a delicious loaded sweet potato casserole – lots of pecans & brown sugar, please!

Conversation Starters:

• Read Matthew 18:21-35

•  What are some misunderstandings or lies we’ve bought into about forgiveness (message points these out)?

•  How can the best in you be released when the worst happens to you?

•  How can we walk in victory over unforgiveness?


Next week prep

Be ready to flip the script next week with Breakfast for Dinner! Always a family favorite, it’s yummy, simple & easy on the wallet. Making muffins should be “berry” easy since we’ve included a pouch of mix. Pajamas, optional.

Prayer Request From your group