Group Content



 Tastes of the Tropics

Strap on your aprons and have all of your potluckers choose one of the zillions of main dish, side dish, and dessert recipes that include coconut, mangos, pineapples and such. Add orange slices and pineapple chunks to a pitcher of Tropical Punch for a refreshing drink. 

Classic Card Games

Who doesn’t appreciate a night of classic, family-style fun?! Inside groupbox you’ll find a standard deck of cards. Ask your group members what some of their favorite games to play were when they were growing up. Whether its Hearts, Crazy Eights, or War, rules for each game are easily searchable online!

Conversation Starters:

• Read Luke 11:1-4.

• What’s meant by: Prayer’s work is not to change God, but to change you.

• What could have prompted Jesus’ disciples to ask him to teach on prayer?

• Which of the six elements of prayer spoke most to you and why?


Next week prep

Next is the last week, so let’s plan the Last Supper! This unique theme lets you choose any item to bring, as long as it begins with the first letter of their last name. Steven Furtick could make Fudge brownies, Russell Westbrook can bring buffalo Wings, Chip & Joanna should make Green chile chicken enchiladas and so on… and so on.

Prayer Request From your group