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Photo Booth Fun

The first fundamental of a successful group is being all about the FUN! We want to know that y’all are having a great time diving into your groupbox each week. You have been given a few funky props to get you started on your own photo booth. You can easily create a back drop with a table cloth and add some props of your own. Get creative and post all about it! Be sure to tag @northgroups and hashtag #NorthGroups so we can share in the laughs! 

Breakfast for Dinner

Pretty sure this one is a no brainer. The best thing about breakfast for dinner is its yummy, simple and easy on the wallet! We’ve even included a pouch of muffin mix to sweeten the deal.. very berry-licious!

Conversation Starters:

•  Read Mark 4:1-19; 26-32

•  What is the Devil’s strategy to keep God’s word from producing fruit in our lives?

•  What are the stages of the seed mentioned in the message and how can we maximize each stage?

•  The smallest of seed in the right soil can produce a mighty Sequoia. What is the spiritual application of this statement for your life?


Next week prep

Are you ready for a tropical vacation? Well we can’t send you out of the country, but we can set a state of mind. Add orange slices and pineapple chunks to a pitcher of Tropical Punch for a refreshing drink. Discuss what snacks you can make that include coconut, mangos, pineapples and such!

Prayer Request From your group