Fall Semester | September 9 - November 11

NORTH GROUP | Relational IQ | September 9 - October 14

How we see God, and how we 'think' He sees us, is the most impactful filter through which we view our lives and the people around us. Our perception of our past, our hurts, and our shame affects every relational dynamic we have. We believe Jesus truly died to set us free completely, to live lives so transformed by His love that we are empowered to love others with authenticity and grace. This class will focus on teaching us right perspectives on how God loves us, and how He loves those around us. We will deep dive into the topics that are easy to avoid, and we will boldly go after experiencing the radical love of Father God for every one of His children.

This class will be lead by licensed Christian counselors.

Let's be real here, NORTH.CHURCH is a growing church. If all you did was come to the weekend experience, it would be very hard to get to know anyone. Groups are how you get plugged into a community, instead of just being part of the crowd. Our hope is that you find a group of people with whom you can build life-giving relationships.

NORTH GROUPS are small groups of like-minded people who are drawn together for a common purpose. Some talk about the weekend message and find out how to apply it to their lives, some do a DVD or book study, others meet for a shared interest or activity. Groups are a great way to meet new friends, have fun and do life together.

Every person is uniquely wired. That's why we offer a wide variety of group options for you to choose from.  From running marathons to serving the community, North Groups are making a difference in people's lives. Find what ignites your passion and engage in Christ-centered community at NORTH.CHURCH.